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I love to fish, here are some pictures taken on some of our fishing trips

This is a free swimming blue shark about 8 foot long
that I grabbed by the tail as he swam by the boat,
notice his head turning to bite me. (He didn't get me!)

[I must be crasy!]

Next is a mess of tuna we caught. Left to right,
Me, sons Steve and Don and the dog is Bruce.


[Good Fishing!]

This is me with a nice tuna.

[Nice Tuna!]

This is my son Don who won the party boat tournament with these nice cod fish.

[Way to go Don!]

My first offshore boat, a 22'2" Aquasport center Console

A nice mess of Blues, Weakfish and Stripers


Me having another good day


Hammerhead and Mako
My son Don and his friend.


A Family friend with a Tuna


My son Steve in agony, spinning rod with
a large Bluefin Tuna hooked up. 
Son Don waiting to gaff it.

Sons Steve and Don with Tuna


Steve with Tuna


Steve with Tuna from an earlier trip


Hard to see, nice Tuna

My next offshore boat was a 26' Intrepid
with twin 200's


Believe it or not, we caught more fish
with the Aquasport.  But this was more
comfortable and fast!


On the right is a picture of my son Steve
taken in August of 2011 with a nice Thresher Shark.

There is an interesting story behind all this. 
He went out fishing by himself in the Atlantic ocean on his boat. 
He said it was a nice flat day and he set up
between two wrecks many miles offshore. 
He was still setting out the lines when the fish got hooked. 
So here he is all alone with this monster on the line jumping all over the place. 
To tire the fish out he would put the rod in the holder
and put the boat in gear and let the boat tire the fish out. 
He did this continuously. 
Occasionally when the fish started getting tired he would
take the boat out of gear and start reeling in line. 
At one point he said the fish saw the boat and dived to the bottom
only to surface a couple of yards in front of the boat doing flips. 
He was lucky the fish did not land in the boat.

Four hours later he got the fish into the boat.

He is quite a fisherman!!!!


This is a 318 pound Mako shark that we won the
Moriches Long Island Shark Tournament with.
Myself and 3 sons were in the Tournament.


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