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I have built a Leaping Loafer which is a creation of my good friend Carl Chetta. When Carl built the original, he used any parts he could find at the moment. I have tried to document the work and simplify it as I am building it. The one shown on these pages uses a PVC air cylinder which can be found on my home page. rather than an expensive one. I have since abandoned using the PVC cylinder as it could not hold up to the force required to lift the loafer. After many cycles, the cylinder had to be taken apart and be cleaned or adjusted. This was not acceptable to me so I went with a real cylinder. A real single acting cylinder was purchased for about $60 and works flawlessly. If you want to see the Leaping Loafer in action, connect to my web site and you will find an animation of it along with lots of other stuff. Also note that the bicycle pump is used to raise the dummy's head when it is activated.

Lawrence H. Lund member of Halloween-l
#1..The basic chair with arm rests
#2..The thigh and leg hinged at the knee.
#3..Another view of the leg
#4..The legs in position on the chair.
#5..The skeleton of the body starting to develop.
#6..This shows the bicycle pump getting ready to be mounted in the body.
#7..Hip hinge and ram positioning.
#8..Bottom, showing cylinder mounting note brace for legs.
#9..Ram in extended position.
#10..Bicycle pump mounted.
#11..View from the back with body in upright position. The rod of the bicycle pump is attached to a styrofoam head and is covered with flexible 4 inch dryer exaust hose.
#12..View from the front with body in upright position.
#13..View of the torso partially dressed and in the upright position.
#14..The guts of the cylinder, note the PVC end cap on the bottom of the piston. Please note that the outside of the cylinder has changed slightly since this picture was taken. The air now comes in through the side of the end cap rather than the bottom.
#15..View of the dressed Loafer from the back and erect.
#16..View of the dressed Loafer from the front and erect.
#17..View of the dressed Loafer from the front seated.
#18..The guts of the air system and electric components.

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