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***** MAILBOX TRAUMA *****

(c) by Carl Chetta 1997
Text written by Larry Lund

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The little ones come to your front door and press your doorbell, suddenly, the mailbox adjacent to the door bell flies open and a hand comes out to grab them. This is accompanied by a loud horn. By the time you get to the front door, the kids will probably be halfway home. You can sure save on the treats this way!

How it works:

Inside the mailbox is a screen door closure to open and close the door of the mailbox. Then there is a 12 inch lawn sprinkler body mounted horizontally that has the scare (a hand?) attached to the riser which comes shooting out when activated. The doorbell just completes the circuit to activate the device. Pretty simple, and very effective.

Material list:



You must be very careful that no one is in striking distance of the effect when it is triggered. A lot of force is generated by the compressed air.

Even though he doesn't specialize in personal injury, any San Antonio DWI attorney would agree that compressed air must be used with caution.
Safety should be always be a top concern, whether creating Halloween tricks or driving home after a drink or two.


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