Pictures of my haunt!
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This graphic was created by Doug Ferguson at my request as a possible logo to be used by the Halloween-l mailing list. This version is for a screen resolution of 800x600 and makes a beautiful background for your desktop. I run at 1024x768 and just resized it for my screen resolution. To save the picture, first click on the picture to bring up the full sized picture and then right click on it and save it as wallpaper.
gyard_n.jpg (11863 bytes)
Night view of graveyard.
front.jpg (8438 bytes)
Flying crank Ghosts in windows of house at night.
house.jpg (8310 bytes)
Full shot of house at night.
porch1.jpg (11145 bytes)
View of porch at night.

fcg1.jpg (5023 bytes)
Looking through garage window at
animated flying crank ghost and skeleton.

gyard-c.jpg (28544 bytes)
Close up of monster emerging from graveyard.

gyard-6.jpg (31690 bytes)
Another view of the graveyard.

gyard-3.jpg (31022 bytes)
Still another view of the graveyard.

coffin1.jpg (20477 bytes)
Coffin with animated Crypt keeper.

coffup1.jpg (15802 bytes)
Coffin with animated Crypt keeper activated.

hangman.jpg (29891 bytes)
Hanging dummy in tree.

dracula.jpg (22182 bytes)
Animated Dracula in coffin by front door.

loafer.jpg (17084 bytes)
Compressed air activated "LEAPING LOAFER" with wife.

friend-3.jpg (12790 bytes)
A Friendly Flying Crank Ghost.

attack.jpg (16644 bytes)
Terrifying "JASON" on front porch attacking my wife.

witch.jpg (21474 bytes)
Flying witch

fcg3.jpg (6301 bytes)
Scary Flying Crank Ghost.

Shown in upstairs bedroom window.

cfcg1.jpg (6572 bytes)
Friendly Flying Crank Ghost.

Shown in upstairs bedroom window.

g2.jpg (72888 bytes)
Flying Crank Ghost in garage.

spider.jpg (12667 bytes)
Spider on garage roof.

elec-chr1.jpg (24368 bytes)
Home made Electric Chair

hoover3.jpg (29130 bytes)
Hoover, animated vicious dog.

On cue, he comes charging out.

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        These are a few animated GIF files put together from a video I sent to Doug Ferguson, they are rather large, but the size is indicated. Special thanks to Doug for his hard work.

Animation of Leaping Loafer
397K animation.

Animation of Friendly Flying Crank Ghost.
98K animation, the lines are the window panes

Animation of Flying Crank Ghost in garage.
269K Animation.

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Here are some more pictures, they are potentially pages from Doug Ferguson's book.
Click on the thumbnail for an enlarged picture.

Rendering of Doug Ferguson's Flying crank Ghost.
I made 5 of these.
Leaping Loafer
Created by Carl Chetta
Trash Can Trauma1
Created by Carl Chetta I made one of these, very effective!
Trash Can Trauma2
Created by Carl Chetta

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