Halloween Skeleton Prop

Let me out, I'm innocent I tell you. . . . . . . .

Original designing by  Brian Lorsung.

skel11.jpg (9865 bytes)

Led eyes lit.

skel12.jpg (9324 bytes)

A different pose, and eyes not lit.

Here is a great prop that is ready to hang up.  It features an articulated 33 1/2 inch tall plastic skeleton.   The cage he is confined to is 36 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter.  The prop has 3 chains on top so he can be hung up, or you can just stand him anywhere. He has red LED eyes that are run off a 9 volt battery.  The bar directly in front of the skeleton is removable to gain access to the skeleton.  The skull cap is removable and the jaw is hinged and movable.  The skeleton is very detailed and accurate.  Hang this fellow on your porch or in a window. 

skel-chain.jpg (11535 bytes)

Showing chain

skel-light.jpg (11782 bytes)

Led's lit up

The cage is made up of 2 12 inch disks and 12 36 inch dowels.

Original designing by  Brian Lorsung.

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