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The key to an easy setup was the use of a wooden wire spool for everything to mount on. The wooden spool was covered with a black plastic garbage bag before everything was mounted on it.

I put a 2-3 inch bend in the wire of the tree limbs (8 of them) and drilled holes in the wooden spool to accept the legs.

The filled plastic bags were mounted on a piece of 1x8 pine which was screwed into the wooden spool. 

The base of the spool was secured to the roof with a couple of screws.  I then adjusted the legs of the spider to the position I wanted them in and put a screw at that location for each of the legs. A small length of wire was attached to the bottom of each leg and wrapped around the screws.

I leave the screws in the roof from season to season and haven't had any problems with them. Taking the spider down and storing it is quite easy. I just unwrap the wire from the foot part of the legs and pull up on the other end that goes into the wooden spool. The 1x8 pine holding the plastic bags for the head, body and tail is unscrewed. Then the two screws holding the wooden spool are loosened and that's all there is to it.

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