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(c) by Larry Lund and Carl Chetta 1997
Text, pictures and sounds By Larry Lund

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As a dedication to Denny Dahm's, (operator of Terror By Design,) dear departed dog "Hoover" Carl Chetta and myself created a pretty neat scare. It consists of a 4 foot deep 3 foot wide dog house with a removable top. Inside is Hoover, a taxidermist mannequin of a coyote with an incredible jaw set. Carl put the mannequin together and he sits atop a 4 foot air ram (PVC) just inside the opening. He went to the salvation army and picked up a fake fur coat and dressed the mannequin. It looks just like a real dog. When activated he comes charging out teeth flashing. I envision putting a recording of a bad dog barking inside the dog house just before activating it. We hope that with this effect Hoover will be remembered.

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Material list:

Dog house, with a removable top. I used 3/8 exterior grade plywood.
Coyote mannequin from taxidermy supply or fabricate your own.
Fierce looking jaw set also from taxidermy supply.
2" PVC air ram. Mount the effect on a rail that is pushed out by the air ram.
Find out how to build a PVC pneumatic cylinder!
Spring to pull back the ram.
Piece of plastic to cover roof, stapled on.
Compressed air supply.

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